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Gordo amy rose fanfic. After separating herself from her friends Amy Rose has become a beautifully matured independent hedgehog of 17. A Day To Remember ( A Sonic fanfic) Fanfiction.

Basically Sonic Generations Fanfic. Also, only two of my OCs will be in it. Amy Rose" Amy greeted back. Amy is new to Emerald high, but she has a special talent! Bud to Bloom, an Amy Rose fanfic. What will happen when she goes into the talent show with her new friend sonic? This is a small little fanfic to commemorate Amy Rose as it is her birthday today!

" Hello cream blaze I am Amy. This article is about the Amy Rose in Incredible Smash Bros. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page. Standard: Hammer Smack Amy pulls out.

She is Sonic' s self- proclaimed girlfriend. It was p 05, · Tags Fanfiction Anime/ Manga Romance Horror Anime Sonic Amy Video Games Sega Fanfic Sonic The Hedgehog Reader Insert Yandere Amy Rose.
Contents[ show] Moveset Amy' s moveset in the game. Sonic X Male Reader 2nd Person Yandere X Reader Welcome to Installment 1/ 5 of this unofficial Yandere Month that I am declaring what better way to kick it off than with an Amy Rose one- shot? Thought about doing a sonamy story but decided to go with an “ Amy” story instead so it’ s more of an Ode than anything really to the home- run hitter in pink.

- Amy - As the bus came around the corner I couldn' t help but let out a little yelp. Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog who carries around her massive Piko Piko hammer.

An Amy Rose FanFic Romance When the Sonic crew gets their new looks for their upcoming game Sonic, Sonic Boom, Knuckles, Tails are all shocked by Amy' s new beautiful style. An Archive of Our Own read amy rose fanfiction stories books.

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Amy Rose ( Sonic the Hedgehog) ( 142) Shadow the Hedgehog ( 78) Miles " Tails" Prower ( 78) Knuckles the Echidna ( 71) Rouge the Bat ( 47) Dr. Robotnik ( 47) Cream the Rabbit ( 37) Silver the Hedgehog ( 27) Vector the Crocodile ( 17) Include Relationships Amy Rose/ Sonic the Hedgehog ( 155) Knuckles the Echidna/ Rouge the Bat ( 19).
FanFiction | unleash. Follow/ Fav EggFox Empire.
As Amy Rose looked around Amy Rose asked " Where am I and who saved my life" which Naruto explained " You are in the egg dome and the one who saved your life was Dr Eggman plus he is no longer alive since he died with a smile knowing that he is happy that he saved at least one hedgehogs.

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In this scene, the smashers sees Amy Rose entering the area, jumping in the ring with a stylish entrance. But that is until he noticed something coming out of Dedede' s pocket, and revealed a Gordo popping out of it. What' s he doing with a Gordo?
" Pit said in confusion. Ness noticed this, as he realized it in.

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The Card Painters - Gordon, Waffles, and Mr. Blik ( All three from Catscratch) The Queen of Hearts - Sailor Galaxia ( Sailor Moon) The King of Hearts - Snipes ( Rock- A- Doodle) Chapters Edit. Down the Rabbit Hole ( Amy Rose version) The Pool of Tears ( Amy Rose version) The Caucus Race ( Amy Rose version) Amy meets Scratch and Grounder; The Genie and.

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